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Beijing Butterfly

An iconic symbol synonymous with Cassandra Goad, the Beijing Butterfly is a masterpiece of geometry and pattern.

The inspiration

 The Beijing Butterfly draws inspiration from the hand-painted butterflies which flittered over 18th century Chinese wallpaper in Broughton Castle. While designing her China collection Cassandra stayed the medieval castle and by chance stayed in a room decorated with Chinese wallpaper. Named after the Chinese capital, the Beijing Butterfly draws on traditional Chinese beliefs which see butterflies as symbols of love, freedom, and beauty. 

The design

The Beijing Butterfly has been reiterated in a range of gemstone editions. Cassandra recently re-imagined her iconic design with facetted and oval cut rubies totalling 3.8 carats which are surrounded by a dazzling array of diamonds. The Beijing Butterfly is a transformative design and can be worn as a pendant or as a brooch. 

The Beijing Butterfly can also be worn as a central motif within the Beijing tiara and can also be fitted into a pearl choker. 

The craftsmanship

Cassandra designed her butterfly brooch to fit perfectly on a jacket lapel. Often butterfly brooches are larger in size to allow for the level of detail needed. Cassandra worked closely with her workshop in order to create a highly detailed butterfly brooch without having to enlarge its size. The antennae of the butterfly are created out of Cassandra’s ‘echelle’ wire which is handcrafted in her workshop. The fine ridges within the wire catch the light and increase the brilliance of the jewels.