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A tribute to the famed Roman architect of the same name, the Niremius design features a mesmerising array of diamonds.

The Inspiration

Cassandra designed the Niremius pendant after visiting the Forum baths at Pompei. After seeing the elegant stucco decorations on the ceilings of the baths, Cassandra became inspired by the concentric circles she saw there. Named after the baths’ architect, the Niremius design features three, four or five concentric circles which are all encrusted with diamonds.

The Design

The Niremius design features a unique feat of craftsmanship. To secure the concentric circles together, Cassandra worked closely with her craftsmen to find the perfect balance between strength and aesthetics. The supporting bands which hold the circles together are designed in a similar fashion to a knife. To strengthen the jewel the bands are wider at the back than at the front. This enables the pendant to look beautifully delicate while also being durable enough to be worn with ease.

The Craftsmanship

Cassandra believes that jewellery should be able to be enjoyed in a variety of settings. The Niremius design features a brooch setting as well as a pendant loop. The Niremius pendant can also be included into a pearl choker or a tiara when combined with our custom back plates.