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A jewel with a secret. Open the Pomegranate necklace pendant and reveal an abundance of cabochon rubies totalling 5.43 carats.

The Inspiration

The pomegranate has been an iconic symbol for millennia. During her travels across Morocco, Cassandra became captivated by Moroccan depictions of the fruit which they see as a symbol of fertility, beauty and eternal life. After hours at the drawing table, Cassandra finally sketched the Pomegranate pendant which she designed to open and reveal the bejewelled ‘seeds’ secreted inside.

The Design

The Pomegranate pendant is engineered to function in a similar fashion to a locket pendant. To protect the rubies inside, Cassandra designed the ‘seeds’ to sit slightly lower ensuring they do not become damaged as the pendant is opened and closed. 

The Craftsmanship

Cassandra created several iterations of the Pomegranate pendant to perfect it, working tirelessly to find the perfect balance between lightness and structural integrity. Cassandra designs her jewellery for the modern woman and so felt it was crucial that the Pomegranate pendant was light enough to be worn daily but also strong enough to withstand daily wear.