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Measuring your ring size

In the Boutique

If you are buying yourself a ring, put careful thought into the finger that you would like to wear your ring on. There are no rules, so before choosing your size of ring try out your new ring on various fingers.

Rings vary in shapes and widths so will all feel different. I would encourage anyone to come into the boutique and try them on. Middle fingers will offer more protection for rings with fragile larger stones, consider thumb or pinky finger rings for more durable designs.

Find your size at home

The easiest method to measure the size of your finger is by printing out our paper ring measurer. You can download using the button below.

Download here

Buying a ring for a gift or engagement

When discretion is required, finding out a ring size for a loved one becomes a challenging task! I have heard many an entertaining story involving bottle tops and even garden hose-pipes that have been the exact size of a fiancé-to-be's finger.

Cassandra's general rule of thumb is that the safest way of ensuring the ring will fit your loved one's finger is by secretly borrowing one of their rings. Even if you can only borrow the ring for a quick 5 minutes!

You can measure this ring against the printed ring measurer, wrapping it around the ring as if you were wearing it. Alternatively, if their ring fits one of your own fingers, you can take a photo of the ring on your finger from the front and back, which you can measure or we will measure for you at the boutique. Otherwise, you are welcome to borrow a ring stick from our boutique. Once home, secretly, drop a ring they like wearing onto the stick and take a photograph front and back or put tape just below the part that it rests at. Bring the stick back to us at the boutique and we'll be able to measure it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

For further assistance with ring sizing

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