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Napoleon Inspired Designs

Cassandra Goad's Napoleon inspired bracelet pays homage to the French military leader's lasting influence on arts and culture.

Enveloped in the grandeur of Versailles' Salle du Sacre, Cassandra found herself immersed in an evocative painting - Jacques-Louis David's Sacre de Napoléon et couronnement de Joséphine à Notre-Dame de Paris, 2 décembre 1804.

This moment in French history framed on the walls of this opulent room served as the inspiration for Cassandra's design of the resplendent Napoleon bracelet. Known for her eye for details, it was the frame not the painting itself which inspired the intricate links of the design.

A Journey Through Time: Where Heritage & Modernity Meet

Napoleon Medium Gold Bracelet

With the meticulous skill of Cassandra Goad's expert craftspeople, this intricate frame has been brought to life as the Napoleon bracelet.

Toi & Moi

Napoléon and Josephine's influence on jewellery design extends to the iconic Toi & Moi ring design as it gained notoreity after he proposed 1796 with an engagement ring with two pear-shaped stones, a blue sapphire and a white diamond set in gold.

Cassandra Goad's collection of Toi et Moi rings, released as part of her journey to France celebrate this heritage. Bringing this design rich in history into the modern day, each unique ring is a timeless celebration of 'you and me'.

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Memorial Jewellery
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Memorial Jewellery

In homage to the traditions surrounding All Saint's Day on 1st November and All Soul's Day the day after, Cassandra Goad has taken a moment to look at memorial jewellery, paying tribute to loved on...

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