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La Belle France

"My love letter to France. Taking my inspiration from trips to Paris, la campagne, les châteaux, vineyards, seaside towns and the slopes, I embark on a new adventure for 2023, translating that discerning sense of French luxury, style andje ne sais quoiinto every one of my jewellery creations."

Introducing the Roi Soleil Design

A tribute to French splendour

Illuminating the dramatic synergy between design, diamonds and the splendour of ' The Sun King' Louis XIV's château and gardens in Versailles is the raison d'être behind Cassandra's Roi Soleil design.

A reimagining of the Sun King's inaugural firework festival in 1664, 'The Pleasures of the Enchanted Island'. Each Roi Soleil jewel in the collection gleams with the brilliance and grandeur of this historic display.

A re-imaging of the classic tennis bracelet design

The Roi Soleil tennis bracelet brings to mind the dazzling kaleidoscopic quintessene of fireworks, transporting us back to King Louis XIV's daring firework display and its fusion of light and colour.

The precision with which each gemstone is cut and fitted creates harmony with the structural cascade of stones which reflect light like a sparkling tableau in the night sky, in turn echoing King Louis XIV's emblem of the sun.

Introducing Fleur de Lys

Cassandra's initial inspiration for this piece stemmed from the ancient Fleur de Lys, a religious and political symbol adopted by the French monarchy which consistently adorned their coat of arms.

The delicate structure of the design creation consists of two interlocking Fleur de Lys shapes, one layer artfully arranged upon the other. The three petals of the Fleur de Lys, paired with another three petals, form one compellingly modern design.

Cassandra's Fleur de Lys design decorates a series of necklace pendants, earring charms and stud earrings.

Architecturally inspired jewels

Inspired by iconic architecture of France, these jewels transform architectural wonders into intricate designs. Necklace pendants, earrings, bracelets, chains and interchangeable charms, each piece is a thoughtful construction of precious metals, gemstones and a jeweller's unique artistry.

Bejewelled memories with Cassandra's Médaillions

For the first time, Cassandra Goad has launched a series of charms - eight iconic French motifs engraved into unique médaillons, or charms, designed for bracelets and necklaces.

Each charm brings to life memorable French scenes, their concave shape serving as the perfect vessel to display the physical and figurative depth of each story.