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Deliciously quirky, yet sophisticated, the Pâtisserie jewellery is assembled from the unique silhouettes of four classic French pastries - croissant, pain au chocolat, canelé and éclair - which make up playful chains, bracelets and pendants.

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Pâtisserie Large Necklace Pendant Yellow GoldPâtisserie Large Necklace Pendant Yellow Gold
INTERCHANGEABLE Pâtisserie Small Earring Drops Yellow GoldPâtisserie Small Earring Drops Yellow Gold
Pâtisserie 18 Necklace Yellow GoldPâtisserie 18 Necklace Yellow Gold
Pâtisserie Small Necklace Pendant Yellow Gold

La Belle France

Pâtisserie Long Necklace Yellow GoldPâtisserie Long Necklace Yellow Gold
Pâtisserie Large Necklace Pendant SilverPâtisserie Large Necklace Pendant Silver
Pâtisserie Bracelet Yellow GoldPâtisserie Bracelet Yellow Gold
Pâtisserie Bracelet SilverPâtisserie Bracelet Silver
Pâtisserie Bracelet Silver Sale price£ 1,440
INTERCHANGEABLE Pâtisserie Small Earring Drops SilverPâtisserie Small Earring Drops Silver
Pâtisserie Small Necklace Pendant Silver