A B C D E F G.... What is your initial?

Cassandra's Alice letter initial jewels come as pendants, bracelets, bangles and cufflinks! The perfect piece to layer together or wear seperately.

The Alice alphabet collection was conceived after discussing with a client who wanted one for his daughter Alice to celebrate her success at school.

The letters were inspired by the typefaces at the Type Museum, London. The Type Museum houses collections of the Monotype system of typefaces which were in use in England and around the world until very recently, but now with the proliferation of computer printing the Monotype office has now closed. Cassandra has always been fascinated by styles of script, both ancient and modern.

Alice Letter Initial Cufflinks...

Whether it be their first and last initials or their children's initials, the Alice letter cufflinks look wonderful with the classic typeface and its versatility to each person. In silver or gold, a christening or confirmation gift and more, these cufflinks are perfect!

Alice Letter Initial Bracelet...

Or why not a bracelet - a start to your bracelet collection or the ultimate addition to complete your wrist of layered jewels.

The delicate chain offset by the simple yet beautiful initial is one hard to dislike. Cassandra who adores calligraphy, writes always with an ink pen - a fascination that began with her godfather, who ran Faber and Faber, the publishing house of T S Eliot and William Golding. which led to her working with the Type Museum and its huge library of typefaces.

The Alice alphabet is taken from a number of typefaces including Bodoni, Helvetica, Baskerville, Columna and Times Roman.

Hakka Alice Letter Initial Bangle...

Inspired by the circle building style of architecture by the Hakka people when Cassandra went to visit China, the Hakka bangle was designed.

The beautiful symmetrical shapes of the builing combined with Cassandra's Alice letter's makes for an impeccable combination.

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