What's been going on in the workshop...

Recent bespoke projects on the workshop bench:

Redesigning your jewels is not as daunting as it seems. This week I took one of the smaller diamonds from an old brooch and set it in a simple claw setting in the centre of a necklace.

I set a beautiful rare pair of Mexican orange fire opals with vibrant pink tourmalines in my favourite Qin and Han earrings.

I took these lovely amethyst beads and livened them up by stringing them with some of my Teatro Massimo spacers. The spacers were inspired on the musical scores carved in wood inside the great opera house of Palermo.

And also this week we have carved a beautiful owl where you can almost feel the ruffle in his feathers on his open wings and the gaze of his inquisitive eyes looking at you. I have always loved deep engraving, where the skill of the engraver comes to life - letting his scorper run on the smooth surface of the metal. On the silver cufflinks above, the glint of the cut metal gives the mitre greater presence and the initials stand bold and clear. And on the gold cufflinks the engraved Great Wall of China meanders across the ovals before I enamel them next week.

Don't forget to have a look in your jewellery box and see if you might have a bespoke jewellery project too that I can work on for you in lockdown.

Keep safe. Stay Smiling.

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