A Sicilian Tableau on Sloane Street

Cassandra Goad shop front

Cassandra Goad and fabric house Fermoie have come together to create a spring window display in celebration of Sicily.

Fermoie and Cassandra not only share a love of beautiful design, but they have both sought inspiration from Sicily: the island that floats, as tempting as a jewel, in the centre of the Mediterranean.

Steeped in history and a wealth of creativity, Cassandra was hooked on Sicily. Mosaics were transposed into jewels sparkling with diamonds, ceramic pigne that decorate the balconies were woven in pendants and the stories and myths of past civilisations were interwined into every jewel.

Fermoie's Sicily design draws its inspiration from Mediterranean tiles, seaside stripes, folk costumes and deco shapes, and these were combined with layers of colour, created with pigment dyes.

The similarities do not stop there, whilst both Cassandra and Fermoie have found inspiration overseas, all fabric and jewels are crafted in the UK.

Cassandra Goad, in celebrating Sicily, will be displaying in the window amd cabinets at 147 Sloane Street through March and April four of the five colours from the Fermoie Sicily range alongside the exquisite jewellery.

The entire range of Fermoie fabrics and accessories are available from their showroom at 53-55 Pimlico Road, SW1W 8NE

Pigne necklace pendant design

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