A Taste of Japan

As Cassandra Goad celebrates 35 years of jewellery design, Cassandra is revisiting her past travels. First stop: Japan!

With lockdown lifting, shops reopening soon, and the celebration of Cassandra's 35 Years of design, we thought it was time to transform our weekly book and film club into some of Cassandra's musings about her past adventures - and bring a taste of her travels into your homes.

While future adventures to Japan are on hold, Cassandra shares some of her favourite jewels, books and foods to revamp your lockdown aesthetic with the textures, scents and colours of Japan.

Books to transport you


Maxence Fermine

A hybrid between a novel and poem, Snow will submerge you in the beauty of nature through the simple but powerful form of the Haiku

Norwegian Wood

Haruki Murakami

Follow the nostalgic reminiscing of Toru Watanabe as he recalls his students days in Tokyo and his first love.

Jewels to inspire you

Four Seasons

A ring for each season. Each intricately engraved with the dainty textures of Japanese flowers and plants.

Seigai Waves

As we prepare to brush off our suits and head back to the office why not add a splash of colour to your office uniform with a nod to the classic Japanese silhouette of the Seigai wave

Explore the full collection from Japan here

Add some flavour

Hasami Porcelain

Simple silhouettes in earth tones to modernise any socially distanced barbeques

Japan Centre

Your new one-stop-shop for everything Japanese. Browse recipes, order ingredients to whip up homemade ramen or treat yourself to some unusual Japanese sweet treats!

And a little of the magic of Japan...


The vermillion torii gates on the hillside of the Fushimi Inari Shrine near Kyoto are wonderful to wander amongst.


Cassandra collected Ema (wooden plaques with prayers or wishes written on them) from every temple she visited. Come and see them when you are next in store...

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