Bespoke Engagement Ring

Bespoke is a wonderful way to create the engagement ring you have always dreamt of.

We will work with you on the design stages to create something that incorporates your ideas with the design hallmarks of Cassandra Goad. As a gemologist, Cassandra understands the ideal marriage of gemstone and metal. Together, rough sketches will be made of various ideas until the perfect design is agreed upon.

Once the design has been agreed, work on the mount can begin. In the engagement ring here, the central collect is built, the surrounding pave fitted and the shank is brought on to the pave.

The settings will then need to be backholed, proportions calculated and depth of stones considered. The craftsman works as an artist, recreating the design in metal, his interpretation is vital for the overall feel of the jewel.

The setter may want to pre-set the stones and open out the settings before they are pre polished.

With the jewel mounted, polished and set the final stage is engraving. Your ring can be hand engraved with a message, names or dates to add a personal touch.

As well as making a ring from scratch, Cassandra Goad is renowned for breathing new life into old jewels. For example, you or your fiance may have inherited a family jewel that can be used to create a truly meaningful ring.

For more information on bespoke telephone us on 020 7730 2202, contact us here or visit us at our Sloane Street store to start your journey.

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