Cassandra's Bridal Jewels (...and Engagement Rings for the Perfect Proposal)

As the confetti falls around you and your new husband, the diamonds sparkle in your Villa Ariadne tiara.

Personalise your tiara with perhaps our Beijing Butterfly as its centrepiece.

Choose the perfect jewels for your wedding day, the day that marks the start of your married life. Wear them not just for one day, but as you build and create memories together…

Exquisite Engagement Rings

The perfect engagement ring is out there for you. Finding a ring to represent your love for her can be a journey in itself (and it isn't easy). Cassandra's exquisite collection of engagement rings allow you to find the ring she has always dreamed of, whether it be a classic three stone ring like the Katie ring or the art deco style, less traditional design of the Heloise, with its octagonal silhouette.

Our bespoke service is unparalleled, if you dream of Cassandra creating a truly unique ring, do let us help. Cassandra can transform a family heirloom or source the perfect gemstone and she is delighted to interpret your wildest (or your mildest) dreams.

To enquire further about the bespoke service, please come and visit our Sloane Street shop or call us on 020 7730 2202.

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