Cassandra's Mexico Hotel Recommendations

1. Chablé, Yucatan

One of Cassandra's personal favourites is Chable. When photographing her Mexican collection Cassandra took her team to Chable....

'We arrived one afternoon from the dusty village nearby through the old hacienda walls into the parque. A wicker swing seat hung low off a mango tree branch and in the old house, the thick stone walls kept the bar wonderfully cool. Through the windows, open on each side, a cool breeze wafted through.

The photo shoot by the beauty retreat and spa was incredible, our model later relaxing in the cafe that was perched over a water pool with views out into the forest. Later, she picked herbs in the herb garden and swung in the hammock over the pool in a shimmering green sequin dress.'

2. Esencia, Quintana Roo

Hotel Esencia has long enjoyed a storied past in this ancestral cradle of culture, cuisine, and comfort. Originally built as the private hideaway home of an Italian duchess on the most beautiful beach of the Mayan Riviera, it later became a hotel, and, for some time, has been a sought after destination for honeymooners seduced by the serene comforts of this timeless mansion.

3. Casa Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Oaxaca is one of my favourite cities in Mexico with its bustling artisanal market, amazing black clay pottery (I have two beautiful jugs I brought back from my very first trip in 1982) and the bustling flower market. I remember buying a huge bunch of heavenly scented tuberoses in December. In November the market is a 'sea of orange' with all the cempazuchils (marigolds) for Dia de los Muertos.

Casa Oaxaca, a traditional building alive with stories and secrets of Oaxaca's past present, and future is a wonderful place to stay.

4. Lo Sereno, Troncones

Lo Sereno presents a sensual and sophisticated approach to barefoot elegance. The ten-suite hotel exists in a balance of romance and adventure, including a gourmet Mexican concept kitchen, sourcing local fresh ingredients daily.

5. Hotel Condesa DF

Tucked between historic facades on a tree-lined road in Mexico City's stylish Condesa neighborhood, the hotel fuses the spirit of its bohemian surroundings with a playfully simple design aesthetic.

6. Club de Patos, Merida

Nestled between the Gulf of Mexico and the Cienaga Reserve, hotel Club de Patos, once the refuge for local duck hunters, is now an oasis of preservation that holds one of the best boutique hotels in the Yucatan Peninsula.

7. Cuixmala, Jalisco

Running alongside 5km of pristine Mexican Pacific coastline, Cuixmala is an extraordinary retreat and luxury eco-resort where the boundaries separating humankind from nature are dissolved.

8. Casa Aamori, San Agustinillo

Mixing "rustic chic" inspiration with contemporary luxury, Casa Aamori is created to live a different experience: disconnection from the urban and reconnection with nature through the serenity and sensuality of an elegant and warm environment.

If you are considering a trip, I highly recommend speaking to Harry Hastings at Plan South America, his expertise is boundless.

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