Esteban Gutierrez: The Love Affair of Formula 1 and Mexico

Fuel, speed, and perfection...

Fast forward to Tuesday and Cassandra was in conversation with F1 Mexican driver for Mercedes, Esteban Gutierrez. From the way Esteban talks about racing and the discipline of design, it was clear that Formula 1 is not just a Sport, but an Art as well. It was fascinating to hear about the intense operation behind consistently designing and re-designing racing cars to reach perfection (with 1500 people in a team no less, and Esteban often driving 180 laps a day!)

There is intense decision making, both behind the driving seat and away from the track, and although jewellery and F1 may seem worlds apart, their design processes had compelling parallels. "How much engineering goes into your designs, Cassandra?" Esteban quizzed with a grin. From the explosive speed of the racetrack, to the best parties in Mexico, adapting both driving and designing styles, to the future of men's jewellery, this was a conversation that brought both Sport and Art to life.

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