How Cassandra Gives Back

At Cassandra Goad, we never lose sight of our ability to help others.

Cassandra believes in the importance of placing charity at the centre of what she does, and where necessary will use her creativity to be able to implement it. Throughout the years, Cassandra has created several other quote pendants where the proceeds go towards causes she feels particularly passionate about.

Cassandra's 'Onwards' pendant as well as the Shackleton pendant were both created by Cassandra to help the Endeavour Fund, a charity that helps injured servicemen and women rebuild their lives.

Shackleton is my hero: the man who guided everyone of his team safely home from their Antarctic voyage against all odds. My friend Henry Worsley also admired Shackleton and in memory of him I created the 'Onwards' pendant. When Henry wrote home to his wife and children, he always signed off: Onwards.

The fund plays a critical role in creating physical activities and opportunities for service personnel, helping them to rediscover their 'self-belief and fighting spirit'. For more information on the Endeavour Fund and their work, please visit:

A personal connection between Cassandra and the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy Foundation led to the creation of the quote pendant with its inspiring words by Nelson Mandela. 'The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling but rising every time we fall'. With every sale of this pendant, Cassandra gives a percentage to the foundation, a charity that promotes the legacy of its founders. Their work is critical in giving a voice to the margianlised, as well as growing leaders inspired by the Tutu values of peace, social justice and reconciliation. For more information on the mission of the Desmond and Leah Tutu Legacy foundation please visit their website:

As part of Cassandra's new collection: 'Ola Mexicana', the Cocoa Pod pendant is not only a stunning pendant but also a creative way to support sustainable cocoa farming. Cassandra holds a close partnership with Islands Chocolate, a chocolate company that is focused on improving the supply- chain in cocoa production. It seemed only fitting that Cassandra would give a percentage of proceeds from the pendants to Islands Chocolate's cause.

Islands Chocolate provides education, advice and support to local farmers in Saint Vincent, where their chocolate is produced as well as promoting the development and applocation of sustainable farming practices. For more information on their valuable work, please visit:

A self-confessed chocoholic, I wear my Cocoa Pod everyday. I have been fascinated by cocoa pods since my first journey to South America in 1983. I love their elegant shape, their outer texture and the novel way they hang off the trees. I marvel at their intriguing form of natural packaging for the cocoa bean.

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