Cassandra Goad x Horatio's Garden

We are very excited to launch Cassandra's new quote pendant in memory of Horatio Chapple.

Cassandra was inspired by the work carried out at Horatio's Garden and has designed and created a new quote pendant to add to her collection, with all the profits going to this wonderful charity.

Horatio was just 16 when he had the idea to create a garden for patients with spinal injuries who were facing the life changing reality of their situation and long stays in the NHS spinal injury centres. Horatio's death the next year has inspired a legacy which is improving the quality of life for many thousands of spinal injury patients each year.

The gardens, in NHS spinal injury centres, provide an escape for patients from the confines of the ward, and a space to come to terms with their injuries and spend time with their families. Each garden has been designed by a renowned gardener, and built to give patients freedom to enjoy nature at a time when it can be so powerful in their recovery.

May love abound all round...

Inspired on the words of Horatio's family
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