Martha Ortiz - Owner and Chef at Cassandra's Favourite Mexican Restaurant

Martha Ortiz is a Mexican chef and owner of the restaurants Dulce Patria in the Las Alcobas hotel in Mexico City and Ella Canta, one of Cassandra'a favourite Mexican restaurants in London.

In 2009 Martha Ortiz opened Dulce Patria within the boutique hotel Las Alcobas, in Mexico City. It has won several awards, and as of 2017, has been ranked number 48 in the list of Latin America's 50 Best Restaurants.

In 2017, Martha opened the amazing Ella Canta Restaurant within the InterContinental London Park Lane Hotel. Her main aim with the restaurant is to educate the British public about Mexican food and her menu is a respnse to the colours, textures, stories and spirit of her beloved country. To ensure authenticity, Mexican ingredients and traditional cooking techniques are front and centre, but are refined with considerable style. At Ella Canta, soft tortillas are made completely from scratch, with the grinding of the masa (corn flour) happening on the premises.

Cassandra's makes her very own Tortilla jewels from scratch too! The impression of an actual tortilla was used to make her beautiful Tortilla collection, good enough to eat! Have a look here at all of Cassandra's Tortilla inspired jewels!

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