Meet Zellije

"The palaces of Marrakech and Fez sprinkled a mystic moorish charm over me. The ornate sculptural doorways, the colourful tiles and Zellije, the courtyards of ripening fruit, and the tinkling of clear water from the fountains were both seductive and soothing at the same time. I spent hours looking out at them, sketching in the shade."

"As I arrived at the palace of El Bahia in Marrakesh the craftsmen were painstakingly repairing damaged Zellije and I watched as it was carefully recreated. I closed my eyes and saw those same patterns on the workshop bench in gold and silver, and filled with the colour of stones. The geometry of the star points, linking one to another creating necklaces and bracelets. Once back at the workbench, I began with the outlines of stars and once I had mastered their shape, I linked them together and pavé-set them with diamonds. Zellije was taking shape."

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