Our Artist In Residence

Artist in residence, Theo Davies-Jones, has been enchanting us with his paintings. His bold and brilliant brush strokes capturing the warm, vibrant palette of Morocco.

Imbued with an innate sense of expressiveness, Theo's works are saturated with the art of storytelling, blending discoveries, memories, and the joy of travelling onto a canvas.

When an evocative fruit meets the striking artistry of painting and enriches the design of lustrous jewels...unlocking the potential for creativity, both breathtaking and beguiling.

Brushed with the vivid tones of pomegranates, Theo's canvases showcase the striking nature of this emblematic fruit, the perfect inspiration for a magical Cassandra Goad jewel. The fruit of ancient myths, pomegranates have been famed throughout history for their healing medicinal powers and are enveloped in figurative significance.

From symbols of fertility and love in Greek mythology to growing in the Garden of Paradise in the Quran, amongst fruit trees and date palms. Encasing delectable, gleaming seeds within a hard outer husk, these mystical fruits physically encapsulate a heart, and are believed to nourish our own too.

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Whoever eats a pomegranate, God will enlighten his heart for 40 days

The Prophet Muhammad
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