Porte Ouvrant: The Doors of Marrakech

Inspired by Marrakech's most famous and beautiful gate, Bab Agnaou.

Swivelling doors creating new vistas...

"As we are gaining more and more normality in our lives, this pendant feels amuletic in design with its opening door leading the wearer to new ways of thinking, new opportunities, new beginnings at the start of a new era.

The beautiful keyhole outline shape of the Moorish doors always seems to invite one to look in, to enquire and to wonder. In the bustling Medina with my sketchbook, I imagined doorways with swivelling doors and through them, I created new imaginary vistas. I have called it Porte Ouvrant because I like the French turn of phrase that reminds us that the door is not just opened but opening."

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