Scandinavian Gems

Brighten up the winter nights by wearing my Scandinavian designs with gems that look good enough to eat!

I love to use colourful semi-precious gemstones alongside more traditional stones such as diamonds. The variety of colours a tourmaline can be, to this day, surprises me. From topazes to peridots to amethysts, I like to use them all!

A gently moving river of water seems so synonymous with Scandinavia - lands of so many islands held together by the water that surrounds and snakes around them. My Riviere necklace set with blue topaz is like a long blue river sparkling in the sunlight. Let it flow too as a bracelet around the wrist. Or dangle as waterfall earrings from your ears...

The simple circular patterns on Scandinavian fabrics of the 50s and 60s, especially those of the great Finnish designer Marimekko (I know, strictly speaking Finland is not Scandinavia) left a strong impression on me when I was researching this collection. I started to place different size circles together, and then in the workshop, I filled the gold circular settings with diamonds and the Cirkel rings took shape. I have always liked haphazard order and this is the ultimate diamond chaos in a ring.

In the prestegards of Sweden, and the island of Gotland in particular, the spring klover flowers lay hidden under the snow for months until they burst forth in May in a blaze of pink and white and blue. I love their honest demeanour and like to think the petals represent the virtues of faith, honesty, love and charity.

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