Signet Rings

Are you thinking about getting a Signet ring? Read all about the process from start to finish:

Choose the shape and style of ring you want. You can choose from traditional yellow gold ovals and cushions, or something more exotic like white gold or stone-set with lapis, bloodstone or cornelian.

We can find your family crest in Fairbairn's Book of Crests, you can give us your own version or you can choose something else completely different.

Your ring is then die-sunk (with the crest in reverse) by hand in our Scotland based workshop. You can also engrave dates or names on the inside of the band.

Then either collect your ring or we can post it straight out to you. All our signet rings come with a wax impression so you can see the crest in full, we can also make new rings from this in the future such as a replacement or a present for your children or grandchildren.

Please call the showroom to book an appointment with Cassandra's jewellery experts on 020 7730 2202 or view our collection of signet rings.

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