Signet Rings

Let us help you create future heirlooms.

Signet rings are an ancient tradition symbolising family heritage. Historically, the signet ring was used as a family signature and engraved with a Family Crest, a Coat of Arms, or something entirely unique to the wearer. Worn on the little finger, the engraved side of the ring was dipped into hot wax, acting as a 'seal' onto letters and other important documentation. Steeped in historical value, signet rings are future family heirlooms.

The College of Arms

At Cassandra Goad, we are privileged to work alongside the College of Arms. The heralds maintain the ancient English tradition of manuscript writing and illumination and can work with you to create your Coat of Arms over the course of a year. After this, we can transform this bespoke design into a family heirloom, in the form of a signet ring, a pendant or a pair of cufflinks.

Other engraving ideas

We also offer cufflinks and pendants which can be engraved with your Coat of Arms or design of your choice.

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