The Perfect Wedding Jewellery Gifts For Brides and Beyond

Cassandra had the pleasure of speaking with Hetty Lintell, the luxury editor at Country Life about wedding jewellery. They discussed everything from bridal jewels to gifts for bridesmaids and pageboys.

A gift on a wedding day is very special. A memory to be kept forever. I always believe in marking moments with a jewel so that each time you wear that piece you reflect and remember the moment, the sentiment behind the gift, and all the people who were there for you.

Cassandra Goad

With wedding season fully underway, we look to jeweller Cassandra Goad, whose years of experience make her the perfect adviser when it comes to choosing a special piece of jewellery to buy a bride, mother, bridesmaid or page boy, and best men for a wedding day. Presents for brides

'I always think leaving a present the night before the wedding for your future bride under her pillow, with a hand written note, of course, is so romantic', advises the jeweller, who makes pieces for all styles, budgets and occasions.

These Nevski Pearl earrings are a timeless, and a classic present for a bride, whether from her future husband, the bride's parents, or her future parents-in-law.

For earrings to be worn again and again, at any age, these Astrea hoops with pearl drops would work as a fail-safe gift for any of the bridal party-but perfect for a more minimal bride.

'I love the old adage: Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue', enthuses the jeweller, 'and there is nothing sweeter than the discreet blue sapphire cabochons at the tip of my Indira pearl and diamond tassel earrings, or the pretty blue topaz in my Lucky Klover pendant.'

Presents for Bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are almost like godchildren. I have followed mine in their journeys over the years—my last bridesmaid is getting married this summer in Italy.

Cassandra Goad

Bridesmaids at whatever age are always so touched by their gift, given to them traditionally by the groom. If you have just one or two, then this Pelota necklace set with a pearl is lovely. Pearl is the symbol of beauty, sincerity and new beginnings-something to be worn forever.

This Alice bracelet would be a lovely token for a special bridesmaid, available in silver or gold, and also as a pendant, bangle or cufflinks. 'I have clients who tell me 'we gave our new daughter-in-law a gold bracelet with her initial on as a 'welcome to the family' gift from us both', so the Alice collection works perfectly for this, too.

Presents for Mother

It is often the couples' mothers who put their heart and soul into a child's wedding, and so deserve a special token as thanks. Some Astrantia diamond earrings are pretty for the day, and beyond.

'With often months to prepare for the wedding, it is lovely for the father of the bride, (or father of the groom) to think about gifting his bride of years before, a jewel', encourages the jeweller. 'A jewel to mark the marriage of their child, that his bride could wear at the upcoming wedding, and make her too feel very special on the big day!'

These Octavia Margarita aquamarine drops with Astrea hoops would be an elegant and sentimental token to suit all.

Presents for Grooms

Cassandra makes bespoke cufflinks which would be a personal, and especially sentimental commission for a Groom's wedding day. She has lots of other cufflink designs to choose from too, from initials, to nostalgic nods to school or university days

Presents for Best Men, Ushers and Page Boys

'Years of friendship are the forerunner to being asked to be a best man. So engraving a pair of cufflinks, discreetly on the underside with a date or message, is a lovely gesture he can keep forever', advises Cassandra.

For the globe-trotting chap, choose his favourite place in cufflink form, like this Taj Mahal pair, or engrave some with personalised designs like this Parisian example

For page boys too, giving initial cufflinks to be treasured, is a meaningful and much-loved gift.

If cufflinks aren't quite the thing, what about a key ring with a special engraving, or a pendant like a St Christopher to be hung on a chain? For anyone and everyone, a silver keepsake box to house little trinkets will always be enjoyed, and taken from home to home.

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