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Cassandra is renowned for her bold ring designs. From the colourful and daring Ozymandias to the elegant intricacies of the new Mashrabiya rings, and to each unique Aeneus, Cassandra's Collection will fascinate and delight.

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Luiza Tanzanite, Aquamarine and Emerald Ring

Inspired by the colourful rainforests of Brazil, This one-of-a -kind ring is set with tanzanite, aquamarine and pear shaped cabochon emeralds.

Individually cut by Cassandra's coloured gemstone experts, the often colourful gemstones of this design are made to work together and let each and every stone maximise its sparkle...

''Sometimes I found I wanted to have a variety of colours and shapes together in one Aeneus style ring, and so I designed the Multi Aeneus ring.

This ring can vary enormously in style, shape and feel, depending on how many coloured stones are in the ring and the way the stones sit together. It sometimes feels like a jigsaw puzzle, until all the stones come together in harmony.''

The Latest Collection: Mashrabiya Trellis

The Mashrabiya Story

The Islamic love of geometry is echoed in the Mashrabiya Trellises, which are carefully carved in wood and found in windows and gardens all over Morocco. The geometry builds on simple shapes of circles, squares and rectangles turning them into puzzling patterns. Cassandra reimagined these delicate and intricate designs as part of her new Mashrabiya rings set with diamonds, turquoises and lapis lazuli.

Cassandra's Classics: Tagliatelle

"I have always found the freshly made nests of whirling ribbons of pasta, dusty with flour and lying in an Italian delicatessen, simply irresistible.

Unlike fresh pasta, my Tagliatelle ring needs no sauce, and it lasts forever…"

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Whether you are looking for a classic design, or something more unusual, we can work with you to make your vision a reality.

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