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Discover Cocktail Rings, Gold Rings and more. Explore Cassandra Goad's classic designs such as Aeneus, Severine, Baguette or Tagliatelle. Shop wedding bands, engagement rings & eternity rings separately.

Unique Stones, Unique Design

With inspiration taken from all over the world, Cassandra Goad's rings are wearable works of art, designed to excite. Discover a Rose from Egypt, the Place des Vosges in Paris, or the story of Aeneus, son of Aphrodite.

Stacking Rings

Designed to be worn together. Explore classic ring stacks or layer designs from around the world.

Gold Rings

Let simplicity shine and discover rings without stones in yellow, white and rose gold.

Gemstone Rings

Discover exquisite stones incorporated into exquisite design.

The Classics


According to the legend, tagliatelle was invented in 1487, when Lucrezia Borgia was visiting bologna on her way to marry the Duke of Ferrara. The banquet in her honour included a special dish made by cutting long strips of pasta inspired by the bride's legendary golden hair. The iconic Tagliatelle ring is inspired by these golden bundles of swirling pasta. But unlike fresh pasta, the Tagliatelle ring needs no sauce.