Eboshi Blue Topaz Cufflinks
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Eboshi double ended cufflinks in silver set with facetted blue topaz. Inspired by a Japanese cap or ' Eboshi'. From the Journey to Japan.

The top of each cufflink measures approximately 11x7mm.

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The 'eboshi' hat dates back to Heian period of Japan and the high dome of my Eboshi pendant echoes this. In my Eboshi ring, a cluster of jewelled 'hats' swing to and fro on the triple band of the design.

Blue Topaz

Topaz is an Aluminum fluoro- hyrdroxyl- silicate that occurs in large crystals mostly in Brazil. Its slightly turquoise blue hue, is similar to that of aquamarine. It is perhaps this colour that makes it the stone symbolising friendship and love, honest and fidelity. It is the birthstone for November.

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