Pelota Fine Chrysoprase Necklace
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Pelota necklace in 9ct yellow gold with a chrysoprase 10mm bead. The bead is on a 16" chain. From the Journey to Mexico.

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The pyramid of the Magician at Uxmal towers high up into the sky with a commanding view of the plain. I named my gold necklace with a bead of aquamarine, emerald or pearl - running along a fine gold chain: Pelota after this popular Mayan sport.


The Greek for golden apple, Chrysoprase is found in Australia. With its bright green body colour, caused by Nickel, Chrysoprase is a highly sought after Chalcedony for its unique colouration and its rarity to obtain large crystals.

This colourful gemstone can be cut in cabochon or as beads, where the vivid apple green hue is very striking.

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