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A tribute to the rosemary plant, this eponymous collection features diamond encrusted sprigs which delicately wrap around its wearer.  

The Inspiration

Cassandra has been a lover of flowers since childhood. The Rosemary design was created as a tribute to the rosemary bushes which have flowered in her garden since her youth. Casandra crafted flowering sprigs of rosemary in diamond and white gold which flow together into a beautifully undulating pattern. 

The Design

The Rosemary design has been crafted to be worn as a necklace or as two bracelets. To achieve this flexibility, the links within the design have been painstakingly engineered to allow the chain to flex in both directions. The careful craftsmanship within the Rosemary design allows it to sit perfectly whether worn as a necklace or a bracelet. 

The Craftsmanship

The underside or gallery of the Rosemary design is a work of art in its own right. Cassandra designed the gallery to be pierced rather than densely solid which allows light to shine through the diamonds and enhance their sparkle.