A Charm-filled Christmas

Charms are a wonderful way to remember journeys taken, things you love (like turtles or butterflies) and the special people in your life (with initials) from friends, to children and grandchildren.

Cassandra's New Charm

Star Pendant

I have decided to make the little 'guiding star' that hangs on my Epiphany bracelets into a charm of its own this year so I could give stars to the stars this year!

Cassandra's Favourites

Be Inspired...

Your charms together tell a story that grows and grows. And to make them even more meaningful have one of our wonderful craftsmen engrave a special date or perhaps some initials on the back of your charm.

This Christmas, start or build a collection, create a completely unique look with your own selection of charms worn together. Cassandra's Chatelaine pendant is the ideal jewel to hang your charms off so they do not all bunch together.

Take the beach home with you...

Wish away the cold winter months with charms that conjure memories of holidays with white sandy beaches!

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