The Moroccan Edit: Mashrabiya Trellis

As I walked from palace to palace around Morocco, the trellis pattern was repeated in each one; different and yet the same. I made gold sections of the squares and created earrings and rings set with diamonds, turquoises and lapis lazuli.

The Islamic love of geometry is echoed in the Mashrabiya screens that were created on their travels wherever they went. The geometry builds on simple shapes of circles, squares and rectangles transforming them into puzzling patterns. And through the spaces in between, it is possible to create endlessly varying vistas for the eye to wonder at.

These screens were the inspiration for the Mashrabiya Collection.



Cassandra started with the Mashrabiya screens she saw on her trip and began sketching ideas to bring them to life in jewellery.

Over the course of each collection she sketches hundreds of ideas and tries each time to capture the essence of what she has seen.

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